Teresita Quevedo’s Code of Amiability

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I have been reading the biography of Teresita Quevedo (Sister Maria Theresa of Jesus O. Carm) for some time. I highly recommend it.  Mary was truly her life.  She gave such great evidence of heroic virtue during such a short life.  She is emblematic of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, though she did not develop such an exalted, simple form of piety that has been adopted by millions (or, at least, they have tried to adopt it).

One thing Venerable Teresita Quevedo did develop, however, was her Code of Amiability.  Even from a young age, 0276family members and friends were amazed by Teresita’s kindness, generosity, and consideration of others.  These characteristics and others informed her general code of amiability, something which I believe, if adopted by many souls, could lead to a religious/spiritual revival, even restoration.  Given that we have now started Septuagesima and thus our preparations for Lent…

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